Whether you set up online or in store, Wedding List Co
is about making the process fun and easy.
STEP 1 - Setting up your list
STEP 2 - Letting your guests know
STEP 3 - Managing your list
STEP 4 - Receiving your gifts
STEP 5 - Enjoy the benefits long after the big day
  • STEP 2 - Letting your guests know
  • We recommend that you send our complimentary discreet Invitation Inserts with your wedding invitations. These elegant cards feature our website address and telephone number and guarantee that your guests know where your registry is and make life so much easier for them. They will appreciate not having to ring around to find out where your list is or make pot-luck guesses at what you want.
  • Over the years we’ve found that couples who do not use their Invitation Inserts do not receive as many gifts as they’d hoped. Moreover, they often end up with the same problem faced by couples who didn’t have a registry in the first place.
  • Most guests prefer to buy a tangible gift - something they know you will still be using in years to come.
  • Large images and full descriptions make this super easy online.
  • We happily take orders over the phone for guests who may not be web savvy or prefer a friendly voice and some reassurance. Guests can also request a copy of the list be posted to them, but we find most are happy with our over the phone help with suggestions and guidance.
  • Guests outside Australia will find our service useful too - there is a currency converter at the top of your list and we accept international credit cards.
  • Guests pay a one off service and delivery fee ranging from $4.95 to $12.95 depending on your delivery location. 
  • Give your list a personal touch by adding a message at the top and a photo of you both. It’s your chance to thank them in advance for their purchase or draw their attention to specific items.