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Panasonic 5 Cup Rice Cooker in White by Panasonic


5 cup 1.0 ltr Rice Cooker with 10 menu settings, Diamond black coated non-stick pan, keep warm 5hrs, and delayed timer functions 13hrs. Thick Bottom Dimpled Inner Pan features a 1.5mm thick dimpled inner pan. Bottom dimpled pan allows for an 8% surface area increase and widens the heat receiving surface, allowing to heat the rice 10% quicker. Diamond Coating - A hard wearing material that conducts heat rapidly. The surface generates fine bubbles meaning heat is properly transmitted to each grain. The fine bubbles allow for quick circulation of water, enabling better taste and quicker heating of rice. Fuzzy Logic Technology - Rice Cooker automatically adjusts temperature and cooking time dependent on ingredients and cooking environment. Preset timer and keep warm function - Let’s you control the cooking start, so your meal is ready when you are. Machine will automatically switches to keep warm function when cooking is complete.

  • Fuzzy logic technology
  • Versatile menus and timer settings
  • Dimpled bottom for even heat conduction
  • Diamond coating for improved efficiency and taste
  • Easy to use design feature with large lcd screen and clearly marked top panel make it easy to see the text and understand operation