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Dyson HP04 Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier Fan Heater White/Silver by Dyson


Features: Minimise allergens and pollutants in your home while simultaneously circulating hot or cool air with the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Fan Heater. Featuring activated carbon filters, built-in sensors, and smart integration with the Dyson Link app, it’s a leap forward in air purifier technology. • The Dyson Pure Fan Hot and Cool Heater has a Night-time mode that allows it to purify and monitor air quality using low-volume settings and a dimmed display, so you can sleep peacefully at night. • Smart, intuitive, and hygienic, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Fan Heater has integrated sensors that automatically detect gases and particles that are present in the air then reports and diagnoses them in real time. • Working in tandem with the Dyson Link app, this heater allows you to monitor your room’s air quality via your smart device. The heater also supports some voice service settings, so you can control it using spoken instructions. • Utilising the Air Multiplier technology and 350-degree oscillation, the Hot + Cool Heater comprehensively projects air throughout the room. Additionally, DysonPure can be used to project heat or purified airflow exclusively to adapt to different climate conditions.