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Big Chop Board Cream by The Big Chop


Use as a combined seasoning oil and wax treatment to seal new or old chopping boards, butchers’ blocks, rolling pins and all other wooden food utensils. Our conditioning wax cream is natural and antibacterial made with 100% pure Lemon Essential oil. One of Nature’s most potent anti microbial agents carefully blended with pharmaceutical grade Mineral Oil and naturally stable waxes of Beeswax and Carnauba. The semi-solid wax consistency means it’s easy to apply without dripping or spilling- simply scoop out a small amount at a time with a clean cloth or paper towel and rub into wood surface. The Lemon & Mineral Oils penetrate the wood to safely nourish, and so prevent cracking from dryness whilst the waxes leave a fine protective film that helps to create an efficient moisture barrier thus to help keep oil in the wood fibres and water, juices etc. out. Use as often as required. Leave for up to a few hours for the oil component to cure and then buff with a clean soft cloth.