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Articulate Board Game by Classic Board Games


What the Articulate Description Game is all about...

How would you describe the process of oxidisation? Without saying his name, could you get your team members to guess that you're talking about Sir Walter Raleigh? Is your geography strong enough to deduce that the city your team-mate confidently describes as being situated on the Bosporus and previously known as Byzantium, is actually Istanbul?

If so, you’re a natural for Articulate. If not, don’t worry, because either way you’re in for a hoot of a time playing this fast talking description game.

Articulate's a team game, sort of resembling Trivial Pursuit in set up, with several categories each a different colour. These include Nature (animals, fruits etc.), Action (e.g. drizzling, multiplying etc.), Person, World, Object (almost anything) and the maddening Random, which may be a concept like ‘although’ or ‘universal’, a process like 'oxidisation' or even an event.

Each team is allowed a maximum of two “Describers” and as many “Guessers” as you like, as long as everyone takes their turn at being a “Describer”.

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Throw in a couple of curly issues like the “Control” category or “Spin” segments, allowing you to move your opposing team’s pieces backwards and it suddenly becomes a whole lot more interesting. Add a timer for each round and the action turns frantic, frenetic and absolutely hilarious, not to mention challenging!

There are hundreds of cards in this board game providing an endless supply of combinations and moves, making Articulate great at parties, time and time again. Who knows, while improving your describing skills, you may actually learn a thing or two, or three...just don't pull all your hair out doing it!